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Lawyer Mentoring Program


By order dated March 22, 2012, the Supreme Court of South Carolina established a permanent mandatory lawyer mentoring program.  The mandatory mentoring program became effective on April 1, 2012 as a requirement for new lawyers admitted to the South Carolina Bar under the terms of Rule 425, SCACR.  The Supreme Court appointed the Commission on Continuing Legal Education and Specialization to administer the program.


The goal of the mentoring program is to assist new lawyers in their transition into the legal profession and to provide them with a stronger understanding of the high standards of its accompanying ethical and professional obligations and expectations.  Shortly after admission to the South Carolina Bar, each qualifying new lawyer will be paired with an experienced mentor for a one-year mentoring period.


On this web site, you will find a copy of the Court Order establishing the permanent mentoring program, Rule 425 SCACR, Frequently Asked Questions, and the Uniform Mentoring Plan. You will also find links to all forms pertinent to the Lawyer Mentoring Program, which may be downloaded, completed and e-mailed to




The need for mentors is critical. Through participation in the mentoring program, experienced lawyers are providing a great service to the Court, the legal community, and the public.  The mentoring program is only made possible through the dedicated efforts of our outstanding South Carolina Bar members.  At the end of the one-year mentoring period, any lawyer who has served as a mentor will receive four (4.00) hours of MCLE credit, which includes two (2.00) hours of LEPR credit.  If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor, please contact us.

Mentoring Program Documents

The Supreme Court of South Carolina Order Establishing the Permanent Program
Rule 425,SCACR
Frequently Asked Questions
Uniform Mentoring Plan
In-House Program Roster


Mentoring Program Forms

New Lawyer Application
Participation Deferment or Waiver Request
Mentor Certification Application
Individual Mentoring Plan
Certificate of Completion
Completion of Clerkship
Completion of LLM Program

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